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Sharing iPhone and iPad Reminders

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In this Quick Guide Video post I show you how to share your iPhone Reminders and iPad Reminders in iOS 5.

iPhone and iPad reminders can be a handy and powerful tool once you know how to use them.  Sharing them with others makes them even more useful.  Whether its a team project at work or a grocery list like my wife and I share, sharing reminders in iOS 5 is very useful.

Just a few quick things before I get started.  First I’d like to apologize for the blur at the bottom of the iPhone in this video.  By the time I realized it was happening it was too late and I just did not have time to re-shoot the video with a deeper depth of field.  On the other hand I did learn that an extremely shallow depth of field is possible when recording my video so that will probably come in handy later.  The second thing is, I should have combined this Quick Guide Video with the one I did on Calendar Sharing.  But I didn’t, so here you go.

How To Share Reminders

This is another one of those tasks that, as of iOS 5, can only be done via the website.  So head over to iCloud, log in with your Apple ID, and go into the Calendar app.  Once inside the Calendar app, look over to the bottom left.  You will see the reminders you currenly have on your iDevice.

Find the list you want to share and click on the greyed-out  RSS-looking circle to the right of the list name.  A “Share Reminders” window will pop up.  In the “Add Person…” box, enter the email of the person with whom you wish to share your list.  You can enter more then one.

With each person you add, you can choose whether or not they will have read-only privileges or read-write privileges.  When you done adding people, click the “Share” button and you’re done.

If you are on the receiving end of a Reminders invitation, you will receive an email.  If you wish to accept, open the email (from your iDevice or iCloud) and click on the “Join Reminders” button.  If you are on an iDevice, this will take you to a webpage that prompts you for your Apple ID.  When your log in is accepted, you will be taken to confirmation page telling you “You Joined “{NAME OF LIST]””.

If you are on the iCloud website when accepting a Reminders invitation there are two ways to accomplish this.  The first is to go to the Calendar app and click on the Invitations icon.  It’s at the right of all of those icons at the top middle of the webpage.  It will have a number by it indicating you have an invitation.  Click the icon and a window will pop up that tells you the name of the Reminders list you have been invited to join.  You can accept or decline the invitation from the pop up.

The other way is to open the email invitation and either click “Join Reminders” button (to accept) or delete the email (to decline).  If you accept the invitation, you will be taken to the Calendar app.  Once inside the new Reminders list will load on the bottom left with the rest of your lists.

So there you have it.  Hopefully this will make a small part of your life (or a big part) a whole lot easier.  If you have any questions you can leave them in the comments below or ask me on Facebook or Twitter.

Happy iOSing


Video Transcript

[Siri] Hello everyone.  Thanks for tuning in to this Quick Guide Video from iDevice Mastery.  Here is your host, Ryan OBarr.

[Ryan] You rock, Siri.  Thank you.  Hey everyone.  As Siri said, my name is Ryan OBarr.  I’m from iDevice Mastery.  You can find me over at www.iDeviceMastery.com.

In today’s Quick Guide Video I’m going to cover what probably should have probably been in the last Quick Guide Video covering the iCloud sharing.  And that would be Reminder sharing.

It literally would have added only about 30 seconds to the last video.  But it just totally slipped my mind.

Sharing Reminders is an easy and powerful task to get done.  If you’re planning a trip, maybe you have a project with multiple things to get done in it.  Sharing your Reminders with the group can make these things a whole lot easier.  So enough chit-chat.  Let’s get to it.

So again from Google, go ahead and head over to iCloud.  You can type in “iCloud” or just type in iCloud.com up in your web browser.  Go ahead and login with your Apple ID and once logged in go into the Calendar app.

Off to the left underneath your Calendars, you’ll see Reminders.  We’re going to go ahead and share the grocery list.  In the private reminder list, in that heading, go ahead and enter the person’s email address and you can choose to give them view and edit privileges or just view only privileges.  We’ll use view and edit.  And then click the SHARE button.

Now if you’re receiving the invitation it’s going to show up in your email.  And that’s the only way I can think of  that you can accept the invitation.  So go into the email and you’ll see the Join Reminders button at the bottom.  It’s going to prompt you to login using your Apple ID to accept the invitation.  Ill go ahead and cut away for that.

And once you’ve logged in it’ll tell you’ve joined, for instance, you’ve joined Grocery… the Grocery List.  You can change the color the icon if you choose.

So now I’ve got this on my other device.  We’re going to enter a test entry.  Click OK.  And then over here on the right underneath the Reminders you can see where it’s already synced up.  That’s really all there is to it.

Well, that’s it for this Quick Guide Video episode.  Thanks again for watching.  If you’d like more tips like these, plus other great information on how to get the most out of your iPhone or iPad, head on over to www.iDeviceMastery.com.  You can also find me on Facebook under iDevice Mastery.  Facebook is a great place to ask any questions you may have.  You can also find me on Twitter as well @iDeviceMaster.  Thanks again.


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