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Not Receiving Your iCloud Verification Email? Let’s Fix It!

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A friend contacted me last week and had the following question:

“So Ryan, I have attempted to set up my iCloud through my iPhone several times now.  However, every time I go into my iCloud settings, it asks me to verify an email that Apple was supposed to send.  When I check my email, nothing is in the inbox or spam filter from Apple.  I have checked a few of the message boards and tried everything that was suggested.  But nothing has worked.”

The first thing I did was check his iPhone.  I went to his iCloud settings, and sure enough, there was a”Verify Email” (or something similar) button.  I pressed the button and waited around for a few minutes.  I then checked his email.  Nothing.

So I hopped on the Internet and we went to his email provider to check his email online.  Once logged in, I check his spam filter and found nothing.  I then checked his settings to make sure that his spam filter didn’t automatically delete messages that came in.  Not the case.

Having never heard of this problem, I then started digging around on the Internet.  I was finally able to find a forum that suggested he go to the Apple ID website and use the “Forgot My Apple ID” option.

We followed all the prompts, but unfortunately he was unable to remember his security questions or had not filled them out.  Having nothing else to lose, we attempted the other option of sending a verification email.  Luckily, and for reasons unknown to me, a verification email popped up in his work email which he happened to have open at the time.  He explained that he had no idea why it would pop up in his work email, since he had no recollection of ever associating his work email with his Apple ID.

He followed the link from the Apple verification email which prompted him to reset his password.  After a quick password reset, he went into his iPhone and entered his new password into the store settings (Settings > Store).  And finally, into his iCloud settings (Settings > iCloud) where he was able to sync with his iCloud account.

Having walked through this with him, I can honestly say that I have no idea why his regular email would not receive the Apple verification email that we attempted to send from his iPhone.  But, luckily we were able to get the problem resolved.  The other odd thing making me scratch my head, was why the Apple verification email was sent to his work email?  The only thing I can think of, is that when he originally set up his Apple ID a while back, he entered his work email as an alternate email address.

So what’s the take away from all this?  Head over to the Apple ID website and log in.  In the “Name, ID, and Email” section, be sure that you have an alternate email address added to this section.  Next, head over to the password and security section.  Make sure that you answer the security questions and keep the answers in a safe place.  A good place for this would be a password security manager.  I use mSecure for this and have been very happy with it so far.

Happy iOSing!


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Roy February 1, 2013, 1:51 AM

I have a similar but more serious problem. I sold my business and deleted the old email address. Unfortunately this was linked to my rm@icloud.com email system, which now does not work. I have been on the forums and contacted apple support, but it would be sooooo nice to speak to a real person. I keep getting asked for a password for the default AppleID which is the now-defunct one. I cannot get into that account to edit it. I need to get my icloud mail running under the existing name as I don’t want to change yet again.

Ryan February 1, 2013, 3:56 AM

Hey Roy. Sounds like a serious issue. I know from personal experience that these things are a HUGE pain. I honestly think that the only reason that I was able to help my friend resolve this is because I was standing there with him to help the trouble shooting process. Having said that, I would have no problem trying to help you out. But it would have to be done via email since going back and forth in the comments here would probably be a little much. If youre up to it, shoot me an email with as much detailed information as possible. If not, the only things I can suggest is to try to resolve it via the Apple ID page or through their customer service line. But it sounds like you already tried that. Either way, best of luck.

Ricardo March 5, 2013, 10:07 PM

I tried all this it still won’t work do you guys have any other solutions. Am I able to do the vertification email on my phone

Ryan March 12, 2013, 2:16 PM

Unfortunately I don’t. If there is no backup email address for them to send the verification email then my guess would be you are out of luck. That is of course unless you want to call customer services. They may be able to help you. Sorry, I wish I could be of more assistance.