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Lock Your iPhone/iPad And Activate Find My iPhone – Part 2 of 2

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In part 1 of this series, I covered how to lock you iPhone or iPad with a passcode.  In this post I will help you set up Find My iPhone and walk you through how to use it.

There really isn’t much to setting this up.  There are a few settings in your iPhone or iPad that you have to check.  The main thing is to test it afterwards to familiarize yourself with the process of finding your iDevice.

Just a quick note.  The setting will be called Find My iPhone for the iPhone and Find My iPad for the iPad.  Don’t worry about what it is called because they work the same.  For the sake of this post I will refer to it as Find My iPhone.

How to set up Find My iPhone

There are two ways to access the On/Off toggle.  And they are the exact same for the iPhone and iPad.  Either (Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone) or (Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > iCloud > Find My iPhone).  Be sure “Find My iPhone” is set to On.

Now the above paragraph is assuming you already have iCloud set up on your device.  If you haven’t set that up yet, enter your Apple ID and password when prompted.

How do I use Find My iPhone?

This can be done from almost anything with an internet connection.  I say almost, because I have not tried it from another smart phone.  If it can be done with a Droid or Blackberry please let me know in the comments below.  I don’t see why it couldn’t.  You would use them like a Mac or PC outlined next.

Find My iPhone on a Mac or PC

We’ll start with a PC or Mac.  Head over to iCloud.com and log in using your Apple ID and password.  Click on the “Find My iPhone” app and…well, that’s it really.

Your devices connected to the Apple ID you logged in with will load on the upper left of the screen.  Select your iPhone or iPad from the list of devices.  It will show that device’s current location with a black label.

Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone view on Mac/PC with lost/stolen iDevice selected.

In that black label, click on the “i” at the right of the label.  You will get three options.  I’ll cover those right now.

Find My iPhone Play Sound or Send Message

Find My iPhone Play Sound or Send Message Screen

The first is the ability to “Play Sound or Send Message”.  Selecting this will bring up a window allowing you to enter a message to send to your phone.  You can also select whether or not you want your device to play a tone.  I’m pretty sure the tone will sound for two minutes.

Be sure to test this.  You can place a random message in the box or leave it blank.  Make sure the “Play Sound” toggle is set to On.  When you are satisfied, click “Send” at the top right.  It shouldn’t take long for your device to start chiming with the text you sent to it popped up on the lock screen.  This feature is especially handy if you have lost your iPhone between those couch cushions.

Find My iPhone Remote Lock Screen

Find My iPhone Remote Lock Screen

The next option on the bottom left is the “Remote Lock”.  Hopefully you have already enabled your passcode lock from part one of this series.  If you haven’t, you can do it here.

If you need to lock your iDevice, pick a 4-digit number and enter it.  You will have to enter the number twice.  Then click the “Lock” button on the top right of the window.  If someone is using your device when this command is sent it will automatically lock them out.

Find My iPhone Remote Wipe Screen

Find My iPhone Remote Wipe Screen

Your final option is to perform a “Remote Wipe”.  Tread lightly here folks.  Because once you send the command, that’s it.  It even warns you before doing this.  You will not be able to track your iDevice in any way once you click “Wipe iPhone”.  I consider this a total last resort.  But it just depends on how sensitive the data is on your device.

Find My iPhone using the app

It’s very similar to the process mentioned above.  If your iDevice is lost or stolen, find a friend with an iDevice.  If they haven’t done so already, head over to the App Store and download the free Find My iPhone app from Apple.

Once it’s loaded, open the app and log in using your Apple ID and password.  From here on out it’s all the same.  All of your devices will load on the front screen.  Select the device to see it on a map.  You still get the same three options to “Play Sound or Send Message”, “Remote Lock”, and “Remote Wipe”.

Hopefully this series will prompt you to take action and lock you iDevice and set up Find My iPhone.  Have any lost and found stories or stolen stories?  Share them in the comments below.

Happy iOSing.

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