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iPhone Battery Life Tips

iPhone Battery Life Tips

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Every time I am on Twitter, I see a common complaint in regards to the iPhone.  “My iPhone battery life sucks!”  So, not happy with unhappy iDevice users, I scoured the internet for answers.  With these iPhone battery life tips, you should be able to see an improvement.

It is going to be a matter of learning new habits if you want to make your iPhone battery life last longer.  And putting these new habits into place should allow you to see the difference.

Some of the culprits for battery consumption will be found in your settings.  Let’s go over them.


Settings > Bluetooth

If you aren’t using it, then turn it off.  I imagine that when it is turned on, it will seek out devices.  If none are found, it will continue to seek them out.

iPod® EQ

Settings > Music > EQ

Turn this setting to “Flat”.  Any EQ added will decrease your battery life.  If you’ve added an EQ setting in iTunes, simply setting this to “Off” won’t override the iTunes setting.  Setting it to Flat will.


Settings > Wi-Fi

If you are in an office without Wi-Fi, or won’t be around any Wi-Fi for a while, turn this setting off.  You iPhone is always on the prowl for a hotspot.  If your home, turn it on and it will be connected to your wireless router.  Surfing the web or using any other data hungry application will burn more power using the cellular network then with Wi-Fi.

Cellular Data

Settings > General > Cellular

On the opposite end of the spectrum of the Wi-Fi setting above is to turn off your Cellular Data.  This will essentially turn your iPhone into an iPod touch.  You won’t be able to do anything (except make calls) unless you are connected to a wireless router.

Location Services

Settings > Privacy > Location Services

Use them only when needed.  The Maps app for example.  If you are familiar with the area where you are headed, there is no need to watch yourself (the little blue dot) get there.  Also, if you’re a fan of the Find My Friends app, this could be a battery sucker.  If you have quite a few friends checking on your location, it requires your phone to locate itself so that it can tell your friends where you are.

Using Airplane Mode

Settings > Airplane Mode

Turn this setting on when you know your phone won’t be used.  Going into a business meeting or math class?  You probably won’t need your phone.  If you’re in a location with low or no service, this setting will help as well because your phone will always be searching for a better connection.


Settings > Brightness & Wallpaper

Turn Auto-Brightness ON and adjust it to a comfortable level.  I’ve found that having the slider right in the middle works fine for me.  The lower the level the more you save.  Plus, Auto-Brightness adjusts your screen relative to the ambient light to help you save.

Push Notifications

Settings > Notifications

There are quite a few apps out there that use Push Notifications.  Some use Push Notifications a lot more then others.  Facebook, Messages, and ESPN apps come to mind.  You can go into the Notifications setting and turn these off to help spare your battery.  This will not stop the app from updating when you go into the app.

Pushing Mail

Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data > Push

Turning this setting Off can help if you get a lot of email.  With this set to Off, mail will not be pushed to your iPhone when it is received.  Your email will be fetched instead based on the global Fetch settings you have chosen (see Fetch Settings).

Fetch Settings

Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data

Under the Fetch heading, you will see options for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, hourly, and manually.  This is a global setting for apps that do not support Push Notifications.  Setting this to Manually means that you have to open the app for it to update.  Setting it to fetch more often will affect your battery depending on the apps that use it.  I have mine set to Manually.

Check Fewer Email Accounts

Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Choose the account > Turn OFF Mail or Tap Delete Account

If you have more then one email account, but only use one as your primary, save some battery by turning the other accounts off or deleting the accounts.


Settings > General > Auto-Lock

Turning off your iPhone when you aren’t using it will obviously help.  I always hit the Sleep/Wake button before putting it back in my pocket.  It’s just a habit.  For those that tend to leave it on, set your Auto- Lock.  This will ensure that, if you forget to turn it off, it will go off on its own.  I have mine set for 1 minute.  This will not only save the battery, but it also helps for security purposes.

Other Battery Savers

Extreme Weather

Heat is a battery killer and some iPhone cases can store heat like an Alaskan coat.  If your iPhone gets hot when you charge it, take it out of the case first.  Your car in the summer time will also do a number on your battery.  Cold will also have the same effect.  Apple documentation states the iPhone is designed to work from 32℉ to 95℉ (0℃ to 35℃) and should be stored in environments ranging from -4℉ to 113℉ (-20℃ to 45℃).  However, the ideal temperature for use is as near to room temperature (72℉ or 22℃) as possible.

Software Updates

Keeping your iPhone software up to date can also help.  Engineers over at Apple are always striving to get the best out of everything, so updates may contain better battery performance enhancements.

Battery Maintenance

According to Apple, you should go through one full charge cycle per month.  They say you should take your battery from a 100% charge to 0%, and then give it a full charge again.  This can be difficult for some of us that use our phones non-stop but, hey, they suggest it so I thought I would add it.

Battery Cases

There are a bunch of cases out there.  However, if your battery is the bane of you iPhone’s existence, you might want to look into a battery case.  Amazon has a ton of iPhone Battery Cases available.  The most popular seem to be the Mophie, but OtterBox has one out now as well.  I don’t personally own one, but it may be something to look in to.

Look In The Mirror

I hate to say it but the biggest problem with your battery just might be you.  I know that is the fact with my battery.  I use my iPhone A LOT!  Therefore, I expect the battery to drain.  Do you check your Facebook or Twitter account every time you get in a line or stop at a red light?  While these devices are, in my humble opinion, absolutely amazing, they take power to run them.  If you are always doing something with your iPhone, then just expect the battery to drain accordingly.


I have one final tip to close out this post with, and that is chargers.  I have them literally everywhere.  I have one in my bedroom next to the night stand, one in the living room next to my laptop, one in the home office, one at my computer where I work, one in my work vehicle, and one in each of our personal vehicles.  Every time I buy a new iPhone, its charger gets a new home.  Having chargers everywhere allows us to never have to worry about a dead or dying battery.

I really hope that you found these iPhone battery life tips useful, and that it has helped resolve some, or all, of your battery woes.  Let’s face it, if you are always worried about the battery life of your iDevice, you can’t truly enjoy it.

Happy iOSing,


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