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iOS Mail App Badge Disappeared

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When I updated to the iOS 9 beta a short while after it was release, I ran into a little issue with Apple’s native Mail application.  The badge was missing.  You know…  That red circle (or oval depending on how many unread emails you have) with the number of unread emails you have.

It was a bit bothersome at first.  I soon adapted and just checked my email constantly to keep up to date.  I then forgot about it completely.

When iOS 9 officially dropped, I grabbed my copy from Apple’s Developer page. Or so I thought.  What I had actually done is downloaded and restored the iOS 9.1 beta.  After reading the literature, it seemed that going back to 9.0 was not possible.  So I stuck with the beta.

When my iPhone 6S Plus arrived, I backed up my old phone.  I set up the new one and attempted to restore the data from my backup.  Request denied.  My backup was made with the 9.1 beta and my new 6S Plus was running 9.0.  Not wanting to lose anything, I updated my new phone’s OS to the 9.1 beta and restored the backup.

Then came the issues with the 6S Plus.  The phone would lock up.  And the only way to get it going again was with a hard reset.  After two chat sessions with Apple Support, the problem was resolved.

However, the resolution to the problem was to restore the operating system and start from scratch.  I had to reinstall everything and set my apps up the way they used to be.  It was a huge pain.  But in doing so, my Mail app badge issue was resolved.

A day or so later I decided to get all of my other email accounts entered.  Gmail, Bluehost websites, and my work account.  I got Gmail and Bluehost up and running, but could not remember some of the credentials for my employers Exchange Server.  I still had no problems with the badge.

When I got the remaining Exchange credentials I activated my work email.  And poof…  The badge was gone again.  Problem, found.

My employer’s email uses the local County’s Exchange Server.  That comes with the County’s IT team and security as well.  So I have noticed that when I activate my work email it can force a few settings.  The two I have noticed is the “Erase All Data” setting if someone enters the wrong passcode 10 times, and forcing the user to create a passcode.

So what was the solution?  Well, I don’t have one!  I haven’t dug any further as to why it is an issue.  I don’t know if it is the 9.1 beta causing the problem with all Exchange accounts, or if it is the County’s Exchange Server security not playing nice with 9.1.  Who needs to get their work email on their day off anyway, right?

If you have some theories or know the answer to this riddle, chime in.

Happy iOSing,


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