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iCloud Calendar Sharing

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iCloud Calendar sharing is probably the easiest way for two or more people to keep their obligations straight.  My wife and I currently have about 8 calendars that we share.  Work, home, school, family stuff…you get the idea.
When one of us has something going on we just add it to our calendar.  The entry automatically syncs to our iPhone’s, the iPad, and my Macs.  We also keep a Holiday calendar and I’ll be putting together Birthday calendar one of these days.
Are you part of a family of four with 2 middle schoolers?  Do you have Soccer, Karate, and Dance practices 2-3 times a week?  Make a calendar for each family member that is color-coded differently.  Maybe Mom and Dad can have a home and work calendar to keep those items separate.  When the kids get home from school, or if they happen across a Wi-Fi network while at school, their calendars update with the latest agenda.  Everyone stays on the same page.
Enough what-if’s…I think you get the point.
A quick side note.  There is one aspect in the video I did not cover for those who receive an invitation.  You can accept the invitation from within you iPhone or iPad.  Find the icon that looks like a square-upside-down “U” with an arrow pointing down to it from above.  On the iPhone, you can find it on the bottom right of the calendar app.  On the iPad, it’s at the top left of the calendar app.  You can accept your request by tapping the icon.
Take your pick.  I have the written tutorial below and the Quick Guide Video at the bottom of this post.

Add A New Calender in iCloud

Let’s get started.  Head over to iCloud from a Mac or PC and log in.  Once inside, you’ll need to go into the Calendar app.
In the left sidebar of the page you will see all of your calendars.  At the top right of that sidebar you will see “Edit”.  Click it.  You will see a “+” icon appear that you will need to click to add a calendar.  Already have your calendars added?  Go ahead and skim down a few paragraphs.
After clicking the “+” icon, a new untitled calendar will appear at the bottom of your list.  Give it a name.  If you click on the colored circle to the left of the name you can change the color to one of your liking.

Share Your iCloud Calendar

To the right of your calendar names is an icon that is similar to the look of an RSS icon.  If it is greyed out, it has not yet been shared.  If it is green, you are sharing it with someone.
Click on the greyed out icon and a window will appear.  You can either keep your calendar private or make it public.  If you choose to make it public, it will be a read-only version.  Meaning that no one outside the account owner will be able to make changes to it.  If you continue with this process, the window will give you an internet address to provide to those with whom you wish to share your calendar.
If you keep it private, you will have two options.  You can allow others to make changes, or you can keep it as read-only.  In order to go the private route you will have to enter the person’s email address with whom you wish to share your calender.  When you are done, click the “Share” button and you are all set.  The rest is up to the recipient.
If you happen to be the recipient of a shared calendar, open the email you received and click the “Join Calendar” button from within the email.  That will take you to a log in screen.  Once logged in, that’s all there is to it.
I hope you enjoyed.  Let me know what you think in the comments below.
Happy iOSing

Video Transcript

[Siri]Hello everyone. Thanks for tuning in to this Quick Guide Video from iDevice Mastery. Here is your host, Ryan OBarr.
[Ryan] Thank You Siri. Too kind, too kind. Like she said, my name is Ryan OBarr and I run the iDevice Mastery website. You can find me over at www.iDeviceMastery.com.
In today’s Quick Guide Video Im going to show you just how to setup iCloud Calendar sharing. Now this is a great way to keep everyone in the family up to speed on what’s going on throughout the week. Sharing your calendars is a no brainer for a busy family with a lot of events going on.
It’s pretty easy to do, and it won’t take us but about five minutes to get through this. So, without further ado, let’s go ahead and get started.
So the first thing we have got to do is head over to iCloud. You can Google “iCloud”, or just go to iCloud.com. Once you’re there go and sign in with your credentials.
Once inside go ahead and click on the Calendar app. From inside the Calendar app, off tothe left there you’ll see all the Calendars that we share. The green RSS-looking icon to the right indicates that it’s shared. If it’s greyed out it means that it’s not shared.
So let’s go ahead and add ourselves a new calendar by clicking the edit button and then the “+” next to the calendars. We’ll call this “Test Calendar” and I’m gonna go ahead and add two events. Just so when they sync up you’ll be able to see that they’re there. We’ll call this one “Test even for test calendar”. Very original. Go ahead and click OK or hit enter. We’ll create another one. Call this one “test event two”. Hit Enter.
Now you can see the gray looking RSS icon. Go ahead and click on that next to our test calendar. And here it gives you a couple of options. You’ve got the “Private Calendar”, which is what we’re going to do. Im going to go ahead and enter my wife’s email address here.
Now you can add as many people as you want, I think. I don’t know that there are limitations on it. Also you can either allow them to “View & Edit” or “View Only” calendar. You’ve also got the option to make it a “Public Calendar”, say, if you’re a business. Then click the SHARE button. And the person will receive an e-mail with the invitation in it.
Im going to my iPad here. Swipe down the multitasking. Click on the email that it just sent and click on the “Join Calendar” from within the email. That’ll take you over to the iCloud sign in. Just enter your credentials and that’s it.
So we’ll open the calendar here and as you can see the two events that I plugged in are already up here. We’ll go ahead and edit this one just so I can show you the back and forth on it and how it does sync up.
And as you can see back in my iCloud on my Mac, you see that it does say “Edited” in the “Location”. And that’s pretty much it.
Well that’s it for this Quick Guide Video episode. Thanks again for watching. If you’d like more tips like these, plus other great information on how to get the most out your iPhone or iPad, head on over to www.iDeviceMastery.com. You can also find me on Facebook under iDevice Mastery. Facebook is a great place to ask any questions you may have. You can also find me on Twitter as well Im @iDeviceMastery.
Thanks again.

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