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Photos Not Attaching to Messages or eMail

I Can’t Attach Photos to Text Messages or eMail!

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So this article is going to tie in a little to my other article titled iOS Mail App Badge Disappeared.

One of the issues I mentioned in that post was that my iPhone 6S Plus was locking up on me.  The only way to fix the issue was to wipe the device and restore the software.  I had to start from scratch.  I could not restore from any of my backups or the problem would persist.

Fast forward to two weeks ago.  My fiance has had an ongoing problem where her phone would throw a fit every time she tried to attach a photo to either a text message or an eMail.  She uses the native Messages and Mail apps from iOS.

I had her try the typical fix-all for iOS:  Clear out multitasking and perform a hard restart.  It obviously did not work, or I would not be writing this article.

I did not try any of the typical stuff that I normally would have which would have included:

  1. Backing up the device
  2. Restore the software
  3. Restore the backup
  4. Test, test, test

I just went straight to wiping the iPhone, restoring the software and starting from scratch.  But, because I am a good guy, I screenshot all of her apps before restoring the phone to factory.  When I finished with the IT stuff, I put all her apps back where they were.

So far, so good.  I asked a few times over the next day or so and no issues have been reported.

It seems that iOS 9 has been a pain in my rear twice now.  I am hoping this does not repeat itself in iOS 10.  My fingers are crossed.

Happy iOSing,


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