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Get iOS 10 on Your iPhone or iPad

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Hey all.

I decided to download the iOS 10 Beta to my iPhone.

It was easy to do.  A lot easier then it used to be.  A few years ago I would have to pay $8 to download the latest Betas to my iOS devices.  Now Apple allows you to do it for free.  The idea behind it is so that you can find bugs and submit feedback to help better the software before it’s public release.

When I found out that downloading the iOS 10 Beta onto my iPad Mini would allow me to get a jump on the Playgrounds App from Apple, I was all over it.  I have always wanted to learn how to write code.  Hopefully this will make it easier to learn.

My note to those that are not up for trouble shooting stuff… If you can not trouble shoot your device and solve all issues that may pop up running a beta, this is not a good idea for you.

Happy iOSing,


Video Transcript

Good day everyone.

Ryan here with another Quick Guide Video from iDevice Mastery.  Today we’re going to go over how to get iOS 10 on your iPhone.

So go ahead and open up your iPhone.  Open up Safari, and type in beta.apple.com.  Click on “Sign up” and then you’re going to want to enter your Apple ID and password and then you’ll have to verify who you are.

From there you’re going to want to click on “enroll your device” and then you need to make sure you have a backup of your iPhone.  In the event something goes wrong you definitely want to have something.  So head in iTunes click on the “iTunes” at the top-left, go to “Preferences” and then select a backup the most recent one.  Right click it and then click on “archive” once you do that go to close out iTunes.

From there go back to your iPhone click “download profile” and then tap the “iPhone” as to where you want to install it.  It’s going to install this profile here.  Click on install.  Enter your passcode… let me enter that again… and click install the top right.  And install at the bottom.  And then restart your device.

Once your device is restarted go to Settings > General > Software Update and then click the “Download and Install”.  Go ahead and enter your passcode again.  Agree at the bottom right.  Agree in the middle.  And it’s going to download the beta to your phone.  We’ll speed this up.  Go ahead and click “Install Now”.  It’s going to verify.  It’s pretty much like updating any iOS software on your phone.

And then once it’s restarted go to Settings > General > Software Update and you’ll be able to see that you are updated with the newest iOS 10 beta.

That’s it for this Quick Guide Video from iDevice Mastery.  Again my name is Ryan.  If you’d like to ask any questions, your best bet is to head over and find me on Facebook.  I’ll be an iDevice Mastery.


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