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Creating Apps with No Programming Experience

Building an iOS Application with no Programming Background

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I am living proof that an app can be built and submitted to the iOS App Store without programming anything at all!  Ok, I know.  It’s not that exciting for most of you.  But for my buddy and I, it’s awesome!  And the stuff I learned along the way will help with future endeavors for sure!

The app is called Penny Jar and it is only available on iOS.  I didn’t just fly by the seat of my pants with this.  If you have ever looked around my site, you may have seen a link in my Tool Box to an App Development eBook.  It’s an eBook by Quoc Bui titled “.  I think I paid $97 for it a few years ago.  The nice thing is he continually updates the book to stay current with Apple.  This isn’t just for the iOS App Store either.  While it mostly refers to producing apps for the Apple ecosystem, there is a ton of info for a future Droid developer as well.

Just a heads up though…  It wasn’t all fun and games.  We started this process back in January 2015.  The app didn’t go live in the App Store until September 29, 2015.

There were a bunch of roadblocks and headaches.  All of which were described in the eBook.  But, with working full time at work, and full time at home with two kids, I kind of overlooked some things.  The first would be to get your graphics done by a graphic artist.  Not the programmer jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none that claims he can do it all.  The second, and equally important as the first, is to spend a good amount of time to vet your potential programmer.  You get what you pay for.  And when you pick the cheapest contract, sometimes you pay more then you bargained.

This app should have cost us no more then $500 to get done.  But it ended up costing double because the first turd I picked flaked about two-thirds of the way through the job.  I had to find a second programmer to take over, clean up his mess, and finish the job.  Luckily the turd uploaded the source code which I was able to turn over to the second programmer.

Was it worth it?  Absolutely!  Will I ever do it again?  Absolutely!  Is our Penny Jar app going to make us bajillionaires so we can sip drinks with our toes in the sand?  Absolutely… not!

But we knew that going into this.  Our entire goal was to get an app published in iTunes.  Not to make millions from it.  Goal accomplished!  Hopefully our next app will be a different story though!

Happy iOSing,


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